Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Buffy does battle with SWAMP SHARK!

I can't, I can't even begin to comment on this thing until you watch the trailer.

I know right!? This is gonna be fucking awesome! I think I'll actually be watching this. Fucking BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER kicking Swamp Shark ass. With all the bad acting and cavernous cleavage included. I can't wait, this is gonna be just amazing.

I'm actually impressed with this. All of SyFy's recent movies of this type have been CGI filled crap fests. This looks like it might use more practical effects. I hate CGI, especially SyFy CGI and there wasn't one CGI shot in that entire trailer. I'm almost certain they're just hiding that fact but for now I'll relish in the hope that somebody out there is just sick of shitty CGI and want to make a crappy movie with real Swamp Sharks.

And for everyone's mutual pleasure, a picture of Kristy Swanson full of Fuck Yeah!

This must be part of Buffy's "deleted scenes"
Please note: Complete and thankful lack of Luke Perry.

Well also included with this movie is actor awesomeman: Robert Davi. He has done a lot of great movies and a lot of bad movies. But every movie he's in he does a great job. His numerous appearances on Stargate Atlantis were amazing. That was just fucking awesome.

Well keep your eyes peeled next summer. Looks like Swamp Shark is coming to town. Perhaps if it is successful enough we'll see a Swamp Shark vs Swamp Thing movie. You know SyFy loves that kind of shit.

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  1. Robert Davi looks like the illegitimate love child of Lance Henriksen and Tommy Lee Jones.