Thursday, September 2, 2010

FUCK THIS REMAKE: Fright Night - First look at the new Peter Vincent

I've known that this has been coming down the pike for awhile. I'm not very happy about it but it's coming. How could you possibly remake Fright Night? The original is classic on all counts. All the actors are perfect, nothing is very dated, the story is solid, the effects are wonderful, there's a perfect blend of terror and laughter...fucking perfect.

Now instead of enjoying our peaceful, friendly Roddy McDowall Peter Vincent that we've all come to know and love...

My fucking Hero.

...we get this Criss Angel pussy.

Click the picture to see an enlarged version...unless you value your eyes.

OH COME ON MAN! Really? Aren't we done with Criss Angel? Wasn't he done being "cool" like 5 years ago. I never even understood it anyway. Street magic, bah! This just isn't cool Hollywood. Not cool at all. I can't even RELATE to this. Is this new Peter Vincent some kind of magician? He looks like he has some kind of stage show. Kind of WAY OFF on the late night crappy movie host Peter Vincent of 1985. THAT Peter Vincent fucking RULES. (and so does that video link - I...Kill...VAMPIRES!)

Oh and by the way Hollywood. Please learn something from this blog.

This is pants-shittingly scary.

This man's exposed belly button and crotch helmet are not.

I'm still gonna see this. That's the sad thing. But you won't get my money in the theatre! I'll probably just nab it on Netflix. If for any reason at all...McLovin is in this movie. Something about McLovin I can't stop Lovin. Also Chekov from the new Star Trek is in it as the lead. Meh.

Fuckin A. Just stop with the remakes already.

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