Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CHAIN LETTER brings the PAIN! (starring Brad Dourif)

So this movie is banking off ALL of us that receive those annoying "pass this on or die" emails or texts. It's a terrible plot but what more do you expect from a slasher movie? All you need is SOME reason to gather a bunch of teenagers and then you need SOME reason for SOME dude to run around killing them all in crazy cool ways.

But anyway, the clip below pretty much has me hooked. I'll be watching this regardless of what anyone else says about this. This movie stars B movie veteran Brad Dourif. That guy that's the voice of Chucky. You know...that psycho doll from the Child's Play movies. Oh yeah! You remember now. Good.  AND this movie also stars one of my favorite 80's badasses Keith David. He was in The Thing and They Live. He's fucking awesome, so I'll be watching this. Maybe Roddy Piper will show up and they fight again randomly. Maybe the killer IS Piper. Oh god, I just spoiled this movie for the internet. OR...everyone will be running to see it now. Cuz Piper rules.


Check out the official website for the trailer and other cool photos. And look for this to hit theatres October 1st.

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