Thursday, October 21, 2010

The 31 Baddest Days of Halloween: Charles Band #11

It's October and with it comes a huge list of epic greatness. In case you haven't read the intro to this thing, I'll be counting down 31 of the greatest Charles Band movies. Keep your internet dials tuned to Mr. Gable's Reality DAILY for new and exciting Charles Band goodness. I began this countdown with TEN Charles Band movies that I have yet to see. Now I present to you, the loyal Reality fans, 11 films that personally learned the art of Kick Ass! from Charles Band. Let's do this thing...

The Trailer:

I know that isn't the poster art most people are familiar with but it was just to fucking awesome to pass up. Also I think it's much better and had I seen THIS one, then perhaps I would have watched the movie much sooner. Like you will be doing very soon...

Subspecies is the alpha male of vampire movies. It looks at movies like Twilight and pisses in their faces. And while their gargling yellow liquid waste and screaming, "Nooo!! You're not the greatest! I have several sequels!" That's when Subspecies rips off its head and skull fucks it into oblivion while whispering softly, "I have 4 sequels motherfucker, each infinitely better than the last. There's even a spin off that's pretty similar to me so take that you dirty cocksucker."

And that is how every vampire known to existence came to be. Probably.

In all seriousness, Subspecies is a really good movie. It's a little gritty to watch but the overall story is well done and the effects...are Full Moon effects. What the filmmakers set out to do was put a small spin on the vampire legend and make a good movie, I believe they succeeded. I do own the series although my laziness has prevented me from watching the sequels. But the internet tells me that the sequels are really good so I'm not too worried about anything.

So for not being a pussy vampire movie and for probably violating Twilight in ways we could never fathom, I give Subspecies the #11 spot on the 31 greatest Charles Band movies of all time!


If you liked this movie then check out: Bloodstone: Subspecies 2, Bloodlust: Subspecies 3, Subspecies 4: Bloodstorm, and Vampire Journals

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  1. This movie also has an Angus in it. Anything with an Angus in it is inherently awesome.