Saturday, October 2, 2010

The 31 Baddest Days of Halloween: Charles Band #30

It's October and with it comes a huge list of epic greatness. In case you haven't read the intro to this thing, I'll be counting down 31 of the greatest Charles Band movies. Keep your internet dials tuned to Mr. Gable's Reality DAILY for new and exciting Charles Band goodness. I'll begin this countdown with TEN Charles Band movies that I have yet to see. I've seen the trailers and I gotta say...I am impressed. So let's do this thing...

The Greatest Bad Movies Charles Band Has Ever Produced #30

The Trailer:

Hold on! Just hold on with me now. Don't leave. I know this thing looks bad, like really "wanna shoot your face off" bad, but I think there's a lot here that everyone can enjoy.

First off...yeah its an evil cookie running around. But just the fact that that evil cookie is made from the ashes of GARY BUSEY is fucking AWESOME! That is the single best casting choice they could have made for this movie. Fucking Busey. I love it.

This movie would probably be best enjoyed while under the influence of...several drugs. But besides there being a murderous little gingerbread man, I think this movie is chock full of quotable moments. And I'm sure the way the Gingerdead Man dies has to be epic. Probably something with milk, who knows.

But the reason I include it is because first...I want to see it. And second...there's TWO SEQUELS to this thing. The first sequel being: Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust (hahahaha), and the second being: Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Clever (in fucking 3D!) which is currently shooting or in post production. So for that I've kinda been waiting for all 3 to be out so I can watch them at the same time. I'm sure there really isn't much going on between them as far as continuity is concerned...but you know. There's three.

So for Gary Busey and all of the murderous pastries out there I give Gingerdead Man the #30 spot on Charles Band's all time greatest movies.

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  1. Remember the Gingerbread Man nursery rhyme? "Bad as bad can be, they'll never watch me!"