Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Gable Collection: Newest Additions - ULTRA MEGA EDITION!

This past weekend Half Price Books had their gigantic clearance sale. Everything under $3.00. And more importantly....ALL VHS's were $1.00 or less. Fortunately for me...a lot of them were 50 cents. And that made for a great fucking haul. Check it out...

Click on the picture to see a larger view of it.

These would be some of the miscellaneous crap that I bought solely because it looked terrible and they were 50 cents. The Alchemist...actually looks good. I can't wait. American Cyborg: Steel Warrior...how, just how could I pass that up. Exterminator 2...I've heard of it before so I grabbed it. The Mutilator...hahaha this'll be awesome. Metamorphosis...it'll probably be a long time before I see this one but I'm sure it's awesome, and Flesh Eating Mothers...that title sold me.

This would be the rest of the miscellaneous shit I grabbed. Cyborg Soldier...you'll notice that I grabbed a lot of shit with "Cyborg" or "Cyber" in the title. The Vinyard...looks awful but stars James Hong so I couldn't pass it up. Don't Open Till Christmas...I've been searching for this everywhere and I was so excited when I found it. Christmas this year is going to be AWESOME! Rest in Pieces...will probably sit on the shelf for over a year along with all the other movies I bought at LAST years clearance sale.

Here's a few movies that were on "The List" when I showed up. Visiting Hours...it's a William Shatner/Michael Ironside movie...fuck yes I'm buying this. I saw the trailer awhile ago and I about shit my pants. Breeders...I remember it being just awful so I can't wait to see it again. Thank you A-Pix entertainment! Psycho Cop...can you believe that this thing retails for $90? lol The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai...I've heard a lot of good things about this movie, must own. Warlock: The Armageddon...a friend of mine borrowed me this a couple weeks ago and it was really fucking good...must own. And Soylent Green...I just wanna hear the line "Soylent Green is People!" and also this was an unopened copy so I had to have it.

Here's some Cynthia Rothrock and Jean-Claude Van Damme movies I was fortunate enough to get a hold of. China O'Brien 2...no idea, Cynthia Rothrock. Martial Law...no idea, Cynthia Rothrock. Martial Law 2: Undercover...no idea, Cynthia Rothrock. Lady Dragon 2...no idea, Cynthia Rothrock. Cyborg...hey another Cyborg movie! and it's also one of the few Van Damme movies that I don't own. Along with...Bloodsport. Can't wait to watch these.

Here's some action flick I picked up. Surviving the Game...Rutger Hauer, Ice-T, and Garey Busy...not passing that up. Steele Justice...I bought only for the tagline, "You Don't Recruit John Steele...You Unleash Him." hahahaha yes! Escape 2000...Also the tagline, "Experience the year 2000...and hope to hell you can escape!" hahahaha yes! I started watching this the other day and it's actually kinda like watching Surviving the Game 2. Red Heat...Schwarzenegger movie that I haven't seen. Blood Moon...Gary Daniels. I'm a new fan of Gary and I'm sure I'll be collecting his movies. Alienator...with all those stickers and a name like that how could I resist?

These would be the Don "The Dragon" Wilson movies that I picked up. Why? I have no idea...I just know he's in a shit load of action movies and they all look amazing. Night Hunter...actually really pumped to see this. Don Wilson vs Vampires. Cyber Tracker & Cyber Tracker 2...oh hell yes! Don Wilson vs Cyborgs! Ring of Fire 2 and Ring of Fire 3...now if I had part 1 or have even seen part 1 then I could watch these. Black Belt...it'll probably be pretty awesome.

These are the PART 2's that I came across. Spiders 2...a friend of mine found this first and I had to punch him in the face to get it. I am not missing out on Richard Moll again. Sorority House Massacre 2...I doubt I need to see part 1 to understand this movie. The Understuday: Graveyard Shift 2...I thought this was some unknown sequel to that Stephen King movie...I was wrong. A Return to Salem's Lot...I haven't seen the first but now I own the SEQUEL! hahaha Maniac Cop 2...I was praying that I'd find this...now I have all 3. Red Scorpion 2...starring Michael Ironside bitches. I vaguely knew this existed and now I know it does. This is the sequel to Red Scorpion...starring Dolph Lundgren.

Here's some part 3's and 4's. Beastmaster 3...again my friend found it first and then I had to punch out his other eye to get this. I feel bad but come on...Beastmaster 3. Carnosaur 3...now I have them all, so happy I found this. Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies go to College...I was so happy to find this. I guess for some reason this is really ultra rare, like nobody wants to see it. Except me. Curse 3 & 4...I have the first one and was hoping that I'd find the other 3...I'll settle for 3 & 4. And House 4...I used to own this...and it's possible that this is the very same copy I used to own...but I'm so glad to have this back in the collection again.

And finally...the greastest finds of the day...

FULL MOON MOVIES!! I've even blogged about some of these on the Charles Band countdown! I nearly shit my pants when I came to a box nearly full of these movies! I was so happy, you have no clue. Prehysteria!...I remember watching these as a kid and loving them. It stars the kid from Last Action Hero...so I can't wait to see it. Mandroid...look at that cover! LOOK AT IT! Murdercycle...it's like the Guyver...but better. Seedpeople...the trailer says more than I ever could. Bad Channels...evil aliens take over a radio station. And Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight...the trailer for this suggests that there's a Mandroid in it...along with an Invisible guy so I'm in. I'll have to watch them back to back.

And ALL of this only cost me $40. I love Half Price Books.


  1. I know you didn't have much of a reaction to the Cynthia Rothrock movies but if you only watch one Rothrock movie in your life make it Undefeatable.

  2. OH I have. I have. It's the only movie I've seen her in and I didn't get to see the whole thing because my friends couldn't stand it. We saw the beginning fights and then fast forwarded to the epic ending. I love it...I was really hoping to find it at the sale too but it wasn't there.

  3. I like the whole thing. The Stingray bad guy character was immensely entertaining ("Why would Stingray have eyeballs in his fishtank?") and Rothrock herself is just down right terrifying. She looks like she could hand just about anyone their ass. And of course, the whole, "Stay in school!" PSA at the very end is just hysterical.

  4. "Undefeatable" was only available on Region 2 DVD last I knew, and the used VHS copies are going for more than they're worth. It is really good, I highly recommend it if you get a chance.

    Epic score on "Mandroid" and "Prehysteria" by the way.