Friday, October 8, 2010

Gun Town: Western Horror now only $9.99!!

Hey gang, I've been meaning to post about this all week. Gun Town...a modern western horror movie. Looks to be a great "teenagers on a road trip" type slasher movie. And now for the entire month of October you can buy this sweet movie AND support independent horror for the low low price of only $9.99! WITH free shipping!

Check out the official website for purchase info.

This movie is written, directed, and stars Lee Vervoort. Who's that you say? A personal friend of Mr. Gable. I've known Lee for a few years now and it was very exciting to see that he actually went out and made his own damn movie, his way. I really need to get out and buy this fucking thing, I'm such a terrible friend.

Don't be me, buy this movie!

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