Saturday, October 30, 2010

The 31 Baddest Days of Halloween: Charles Band #2

It's October and with it comes a huge list of epic greatness. In case you haven't read the intro to this thing, I'll be counting down 31 of the greatest Charles Band movies. Keep your internet dials tuned to Mr. Gable's Reality DAILY for new and exciting Charles Band goodness. I began this countdown with TEN Charles Band movies that I have yet to see, then I explored ELEVEN films that personally learned the art of Kick Ass! from Charles Band, and now I present to you, the loyal Reality fans, THE TOP TEN CHARLES BAND MOVIES OF ALL TIME! Let's do this thing...

The 31 Greatest Bad Movies Charles Band Has Ever Produced #2

Cowboys and your heart out.

The Trailer:

Oblivion is every bit as epic as the trailer depicts. The film was JUST officially released onto DVD a couple of months ago...and you can buy this timeless masterpiece at Full Moon Direct RIGHT NOW for only $6.66.

And while you're doing might as well buy it's sequel: Backlash: Oblivion 2

Although that trailer is kinda crappy, it's just as awesome as the original. That is probably due to the fact that they filmed both of them together. THAT's how great this movie is, it knew even before it was made that it would be so epically successful that it needed a sequel RIGHT AWAY. Or it was probably because the set was so huge and expensive it made sense to make bank on two flicks. But I like to think it's the first.

Oblivion is exactly as it looks...a good old fashioned western...with lasers and aliens and robots and outdoor ceiling fans. But it isn't just that the premise is amazing or that the story is pretty good, it's the fucking cast. This movie has it all.
  • Andrew Divoff: The russian badass from Lost. Also, the Wishmaster.
  • Meg Foster: They Live, Masters of the Universe...she plays a cyborg cop in this movie.
  • The Late Isaac Hayes: The voice of Chef from South Park, Escape from New York
  • Julie Newmar: Catwoman from the good old days of Adam West's Batman.
  • Carel Struycken: Lurch from the Addams Family movies.
  • Musetta Vander: Mortal Kombat: Annihilation - she is clad in leather for 3 hours.
  • George Takei: Star Trek: Of his own free will, he made dozens of amazing Star Trek references.
These movies are awesome. If you just want to see something FULL of originality and imagination then its Oblivion. There is nothing sane or coherent about's just full of laughs and action. And aliens.

Oblivion Rules.

If you liked this movie, then check out: Dead Man's Hand

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