Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 31 Baddest Days of Halloween: Charles Band #18

It's October and with it comes a huge list of epic greatness. In case you haven't read the intro to this thing, I'll be counting down 31 of the greatest Charles Band movies. Keep your internet dials tuned to Mr. Gable's Reality DAILY for new and exciting Charles Band goodness. I began this countdown with TEN Charles Band movies that I have yet to see. Now I present to you, the loyal Reality fans, 11 films that personally learned the art of Kick Ass! from Charles Band. Let's do this thing...

The Greatest Bad Movies Charles Band Has Ever Produced #18

The Trailer:

You want a little head? Or perhaps a large one? Head of the Family is a pretty crazy movie...and a bit slow at times...but when it's all said and done, your happy you watched it. Because that chick with the huge tits gets naked. Several times if I remember right.

The story is pretty bizarre...but who said this movie would be anything normal? All I remember is that the family has all these weird abnormalities and their loaded. Rich! Lots of money. And then some shit happens that causes that loser in the trailer to black mail them. But then he gets greedy and the family decides to kill him and his girlfriend.

If I remember right there's a lot of sex in this movie. And probably "Head" jokes. And that's ok. If you love Full Moon, then you'll love this movie. If you love obscure horror, I mean just out in left field crazy, then you'll love this movie. But if you like mainstream will not like this movie. If that's the case I'm sure you've already figured that out from the trailer.

So for being absolutely insane and more original than anything Hollywood can come up with I give Head of the Family the #18 spot on the 31 greatest Charles Band movies EVAR!!

***Also it was announced some time ago that there would be a Bride of the Head of the Family coming word yet if that's happening or not but as soon as I know then you can be sure you'll know.

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