Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The 31 Baddest Days of Halloween: Charles Band #19

It's October and with it comes a huge list of epic greatness. In case you haven't read the intro to this thing, I'll be counting down 31 of the greatest Charles Band movies. Keep your internet dials tuned to Mr. Gable's Reality DAILY for new and exciting Charles Band goodness. I began this countdown with TEN Charles Band movies that I have yet to see. Now I present to you, the loyal Reality fans, 11 films that personally learned the art of Kick Ass! from Charles Band. Let's do this thing...

The Greatest Bad Movies Charles Band Has Ever Produced #19

The Trailer:

Oh yes, Laserblast made the list. If you have not seen this miraculous piece of crap you need to see it right now! Go fast! If you don't think you can stand it...Mystery Science Theatre 3000 did an episode on it.

I'm not gonna lie, this movie kinda blows. It was made in the late 70's and everything about it is pretty terrible. The acting, the effects (you saw the trailer right?), the movie. But it has an intense charm to it, like it's so bad that you fucking love every minute of it. Say the plot: A kid is constantly picked on...until he finds a laser gun in the which point he gets his revenge. AH YES! That is awesome. You know that isn't going to end well for anyone and it's amazing just sitting there and enjoying the ride.

If you don't think you could sit through a tried and true bad movie...then watch the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 version. (you can start watching it here) I won't's the only way I watched this movie. Because it was on Netflix Instant Watch (and probably still is) and it looked terrible. Turns out it was a pretty crazy movie and watching other people rag on it the whole time made it that much better. And for this movie attaining such high regard that the boys at MST3K had to feature it on their program...I give Laserblast the #19 spot on the greatest bad movies Charles Band has ever produced!

If you liked this movie...or didn't...check out: Mandroid & Invisible: The Chronicles of Benjamin Knight

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