Monday, October 11, 2010

SyFy's 31 Days of Halloween Schedule continues...10/12 - 10/15

Well guys, I fucked up. There were some bad movies on today and I was waaaaay too hungover yesterday to post it. Ok I lied...I went to the casino and forgot all about it. There, you happy now? I feel terrible. Oh well, at least most of the movies were on TV already so it doesn't matter.

Wait a minute...SyFy plays movies over and over and over right after the other like nobody is ever fucking watching? They wouldn't do that would they? They should just call it the Children of the Corn/Predator month. Everyday catch hours and hours of the Children of the Corn remake and Predator!

Alright, I'm done. This week actually looks pretty cool besides today...check it out.

All times are EST.

Tuesday, 10/12

9-11am: Sand Serpents (read the synopsis on IMDb, it's fucking hilarious)
11-1pm: Maneater (Tiger horror...awesome)
1-3pm: Grizzly Rage (How I feel Friday afternoon)
3-5pm: Blood Monkey (I have one of these)
5-7pm: Ogre (Better than Shrek)

3-5am: Stephen King's: Riding the Bullet (Probably worth it, I'm not sure)

Wednesday, 10/13

8:30-10:30am: In the Spider's Web (Spiders! YES!)
10:30-12:30pm: Black Swarm (Fuck this, watch Mosquito instead)
12:30-2:30pm: Ice Spiders (more like SHIT Spiders, heh heh heh)
2:30-4:30pm: Infestation (This is supposed to be really awesome)
4:30-7pm: Arachnophobia (great flick)

3-5am: The Hive (Flesh eating army ants...that's probably worth staying up for)

Thursday, 10/14

Take a break from bad movies and watch Destination Truth all day! Then...

3-5am: Joshua (*shudder*)

Friday, 10/15

8-10am: Dark Relic (It's probably evil too)
10-12pm: Grendel (starring Chris Bruno as Beowulf. ugh...just pass this for the next movie...)
12-2pm: Beowulf (1999) (The futuristic version with Christopher Lambert!!)
2-4pm: Cerberus (the cover art looks pretty cool)
4-6pm: Chupacabra: Dark Seas (With a title like that how can you possibly say no?)
6-8pm: Carny (It's on my Netflix queue...that's good enough for you isn't it?)

4-6am: Rise: Blood Hunter