Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Oblivion (1994)

This movie is insane. I can't believe anything like this could ever be made...and back to back with it's sequel. This movie is so off the wall crazy that I absolutely loved it. It's pretty much a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing. I am such a glutton for bad movies and this one takes the cake.

Oblivion is like 5 movies all mashed together into one. It's a western, alien sci-fi, creature feature, action, a word EPIC. Well in my eyes anyway...but I love these kinds of movies. I love the tagline...On this planet, it's cowboys and aliens. hahahaha that's too good. If you're a serious moviegoer, stear clear of this one, it's pretty aweful. If you enjoy just off the wall craziness, I highly recommend it.

What really makes this whole movie worth it is the cast. The late Isaac Hayes is here, Andrew "Wishmaster" Divoff is here as the elusive "Redeye" who is a reptilian alien with a giant ruby red eye, Julie "Catwoman" Newmar is here as Ms. Kitty (hahahawesome), Carel (Lurch) Struycken is here, Musetta Vander is here as the really f'n hot Lash (laced with leather chaps and a whip), Meg Foster is here as a "robocop", and my favorite George "Mr. Sulu" Takei as the drunken doctor. All these guys just made this movie so enjoyable.

There are so many good parts in this film. The whole scene of the funeral while there's a bingo game going on upstairs is f'n hilarious. I about died laughing. Also George Takei was just amazing. He was always drunk and spouting out all kinds of wonderful star trek references - (drinking Jim Beam) "well Jim...Beam me up!" or (in shock) "Great Scotty!" or (working on the cyborg) "Dammit! I'm a doctor not a magician!" I love it.

I say check it out, it's good for a laugh and its my understanding that it was shot back to back with it's sequel "Backlash: Oblivion 2" which I will be watching soon. I can't wait for more craziness and hopefully some new trek references :)

UPDATE: And for all of you looking for the DVD, it's finally getting a release!  Check out Full Moon Direct for more information.

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