Thursday, October 20, 2011

The 31 Baddest Days of Halloween: Survival Log Day 20

By all means, give me shit for putting Heart Font on a Klingon picture. I deserve it. But I'm proud of what I accomplished here, proud of what message that picture may convey. The Klingon love is a hateful process so his look of absolute crazy surely means there is a woman present. He wants to bone her in the most violent way possible. Love is in the air people. Bring it in...

Just kidding, we just want the money.

When I read the tagline, "Their dream house brought them together...Their neighbors are tearing them apart!" I really want to add a "LISA" to the end there.

Rest in Pieces is an interesting little movie. I think I would probably only go out of my way to watch this once. I don't see much point in ever watching it again. The story is interesting enough to keep me watching but in the end...I don't need to sit through another 90 minutes of this thing.

Rest in Pieces tells the story of a young couple who has just inherited a huge fortune. Their dear aunt committed suicide and left it all to them. They move into the house and strange things start happening. Soon they meet the neighbors...and turns out their dead. They all committed suicide. And they all did it in a way that it brought them all back to life. Now they enjoy having parties and killing people. Now the group of undead people are hell bent on turning the dear aunt's niece into one of them...per dear aunt's instructions.

This is one of the more forgettable zombie movies. There really isn't any zombie chaos until the last 10 minutes. The movie shrouds everything in mystery and reveals them to be zombies somewhere in the middle. But then they kinda just sit on that for awhile...after all there is millions of dollars at stake.

I think I would actually recommend this movie to people. Looking around on Amazon and it doesn't look like this is even on DVD yet. Kind of a shame considering people might like this movie. And you could easily sell it on cover art alone. If you get a chance, check it out. If you don't...whatever. Watch a Romero movie.

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