Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The 31 Baddest Days of Halloween: Survival Log Day 5

I need a drink.

I blame myself for this.

For everything this movie does does a dozen other things wrong. IN FACT, it only does 2 things right. The nudity in the opening credits and the nudity an hour later on the beach. In between its just a mess.

So there's this psycho killer on the loose. He escaped from an insane asylum and is now at large. Nobody really seems to care. And there's some teens that feel like partying on an island alone. I guess that's where the killer likes to hang out...because they meet up and they all start dying.

They don't cover the killer's face. There's no surprise twist to look forward too...just another kill. And the killer ONLY kills with an axe. Alright...that's pretty awesome BUT they don't show any of it. All the kills are a quick off screen slash and then a full frontal shot of the axe stuck in somebody. Low budget...meh.

All the characters are morons. All the dialogue is stupid. It's such an amazing trainwreck. With boobs.

It'd be good for a party. You don't need to pay attention to it while you converse about more important things.

I feel like punching a bear.


  1. This sounds just like Clones of Bruce Lee (yes, it seriously exists, right there along with Bruce Lee vs. Gay Power). In that movie there was a nude-hottie-beach scene about midway into the film, but the rest of the movie?, what a mess!

  2. "Horror in the veins of the classics" ???

    I think they set the bar a little high there.

  3. Clones of Bruce Lee was terrible, but the nudity didn't matter. It was the fact that every guy who had starred in a chopsocky under the name of Bruce Le, Bruce Li, Bruce Lea, or some other variation was in there. Also, if I recall correctly, they blatantly stole music from the soundtrack of Live and Let Die.

  4. Hey Kev, it should have said, "Horror in the TOILET of the classics."

    I should have also pointed out that if you really do LOVE watching a shitty movie then you'll probably love these actors. They tried really hard, REALLY REALLY HARD to act. And it's so hilarious.

    Bruce Lee...terrible...must watch...