Sunday, October 30, 2011

The 31 Baddest Days of Halloween: Survival Log Day 30

Oh it was close this morning. I got out of I fucking launched out of bed, ANGRY. I was at a Halloween party last night, pretty much the first one there and for realz the last one out. And couple hours of sleep later I"m walking up to watch some shitty movie. UGH. I had stood there and that question FINALLY popped in my head, "Does this REALLY matter anymore?" At first I was like, fuck no. I'm going back to bed. Then I took a half a second and just remembered tomorrow is the last day. I'm so close. Quitting now would be like dropping out of college in the last semester. Just fucking stupid.

One more day. One more day. One more day.

The Wizard of Gore is exactly that. The Wizard of Gore. He's a fucking magician dude that gores the fuck out of chicks. But what's awesome is that they seem ok afterwards.

Until a couple days later. Then they drop like flies. Then some detectives try to figure this thing out. And then what's even better is The Wizard fucking hypnotizes everyone over the TV. I won't spoil what happens but holy shit that was cool. They were all like, come on TV and he was like sure. And then he hynpnotized EVERYONE.

The central theme driving this movie would have to be: What is Reality. Is what you see what you get? Is he really goring this people? Are they dead or alive? What the fuck is going on?

You can take a lot from this movie. Especially the mutilation. That's awesome. Hershell Gordon Lewis, you are my hero. I feel so ashamed that I ever doubted your amazing 70s power. Your movies are even overthetop grotesque to this day. That's power man.

Fuck I'm tired. No coffee, no nothing. Must sleep more now. Can't type for shit.

I love October so hard.

I could only find the trailers for the Wizard of Gore remake (which I must see now) so please enjoy this clip.

And if you liked that, please check out the movie in its entirety HERE.


  1. So what was better/crazier, Wizard of Gore or The Gore Gore Girls?

  2. You know...I think I gotta say The Wizard of Gore. I just liked it better. But I was also a little more prepared for what to expect from this one too.