Friday, October 14, 2011

The 31 Baddest Days of Halloween: Survival Log Day 14

Today's edition of The 312 Baddest Days of Halloween is unrated and uncut. I've deleeted my delete button so every mistake I make on this bpage will show up. You'll get to see live here just how terrible I am at typing in the monring. (FUCK!) Good luck.

Last night I was up until midnight watching GHOST RIDER. I love that movie. Well we watched it and to watch Ghost Rider is to go into a complete state of madness. So, natureally I had to start drinkin. Not a lot, just enough to take thee edge off. God that movie is awesome. I can't wait for the sequel. But yeah, this morning now I have a Ghost Rider hangover. I'm tired as shit. And I"ve been watchin gthe Gore Gore Girlsall morning.

My livfe is aweosme.

This is one of tose really awesome exploitation/slasher flicks from back in the day. Whenever I see a movie from the 79s, I always cringe. There's nothing wrong with movies from the 70s but I just know that their quality of picture is always like this movie. Grity. The direction is it's own brand entirely. You can pretty eailsy pick out a 70s movie if you're watching one.

But you know what? Fuck my taste. This movie is awesome. ESPECIALLY if you have some resentment fo rwomen. Like, let's say your girlfriend cheated on you and killed your dog. You want to watch this movie. There's just a half a dozen chicks that strip themselves nekkked and then get immediately and brutally murdered. For example. This one chick is making some deep fried french fries on the stove stop. The killer watlkes in, shves her face in it, and then proceeeds to cut off her nipples and milk the bitch.

It's so sick. It's so overly offensive but I just can't turn away. That last paragraph up there makes me uneasy that I enjoyed tha tpart of the movie was just so awesome. I didn't see the nipple snipping coming. It just happneed. I even crineged. That's pretty rare for me to sit back and get uneasy about stuff. Especially when its obviously fake.

People at the end of the 70s were fainting over movies like Halloween? This movie is a 100 times more shocking than anything like that. I just don't understand.

Regardless of my typing, you should check out this movie. It's on Netflix Instant. The picture quality is actually pretty decent. And it's only 80 minutes long. Can't go wrong with a bunch of old school BRUTAHL slaughters. That's a good time rigth there.

I'm so sorry about today's post. So so srory.


  1. I also forgot to say thank you to everyone for voting! That was an amazing choice. You guys are awesome.

  2. So, in this movie, is there really a scene where a black woman has her nipple cut off and chocolate milk comes out?

  3. She was actually white. But yes, that happens. And the killer fills up two wine glasses. One for each tit.

  4. Reading over this post're right. I remember the nipple snipping better. She was black. I only remember that cuz the black chick is the one that got her face melted in the frier.

  5. This seems like it should of been written for the grog. It's not easy writing while infuxicated. Great stuff though. I love Gore Gore Girls, my favorite Herschell Gordon Lewis outside of 2000 Maniacs. When you get time you should watch the documentary about him that just came out called The Godfather of Gore. Excellent doc. Keep it crazy Gable.