Thursday, August 5, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: 976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor

What a wonderful sequel this one was.  I honestly can say that I enjoyed this movie so much more than part one.  That isn't an insult on part one because I thoroughly enjoyed it but this sequel definately has a lot more action and craziness going on.

First off, I think they made a wise decision with the story.  The evil horrorscope line is still there making people do evil things but this time the guy gets caught.  Except he can do out of body experiences to kill his victims.  He didn't do it?  How could he possibly have killed everyone?  He was in jail!  It's a fun little murder mystery that isn't all that mysterious.

Spike, one of the main characters from part one, is back and still kicking ass.  He's been on the run since that time but still getting phone calls.  He makes it back to town to help out the big breasted blonde figure out whats going on.  That's basically it but I love it.  It's good to see they tie together somehow rather than just make a sequel with all new characters, towns, etc.  Although...the actor that played Spike, this was his last film so who knows.  There's also a few other faces here, Paul Coufos who played the lead man in Food of the Gods Part 2 is the sheriff guy.  It was kind of fun to see him in other films after I watched FOTG P2 a few weeks ago.  Also one of my favorite underground guys (who I found out died a few years ago) George "Buck" Flower.  He usually plays crazy old men or drunks or hobos, that like.  He can be found in They Live, Back to the Future, The Fog, and Pumpkinhead.  I just like he's craziness.

Alright so this movie isn't always the greatest.  There are times that are overdone and outlandish but done in such a way that they don't seem cartoonish.  That is what I love to see.  I hate when they overdo the comics and it gets too dumb.  But the toilet exploding, the talking pig head, and the chick transported into the tv during Night of the Living Dead were all hilarious.  The last one may have started to overreach its bounds but it was still good.

In a way I am saddened by this film.  Vestron Video is a (for the most part) good horror film company.  They pumped out a lot of classics and my sources tell me that this was Vestron's last film.  I'm sure it's not the bang they were looking for but I thought they did a great job.  It's always series like this that start out so great in these low budget companies that end up in the hands of a different company then they fuck it all up.  Hence Friday the 13th after it got into New Line's hands.  I thought it was awful after that.

So if you've seen part 1 this one is definitely worth the time and money.  Not too much money but standard money will do.  The ending is amazing, I won't say anything else other than it was not what I expected out of a film like this.  In any case there are lots of big breasted women running around and lots of hysterics.  Check it out you won't be disappointed.

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