Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009) remake

To quote the great MLK, I shall base this review on the content of its character, not the color of its skin. What I mean is that I shall review the content of the film, not the flashy gimmick of 3-D technology...but I will comment on it.

Its obvious to any horror fiend that the genre has been in a tight downward spiral over the past decade or more. Originality has lost its way as the popularity (and profitability) of remakes has taken over. It also seems to be the same old story with films these days. My Bloody Valentine gives hope to an otherwise dwindling genre along with many subsequent subgenres. My Bloody Valentine is indeed a remake but done so with the greatest of care. This is one of those rare occasions (such as the case with Dawn of the Dead 2004) in which the remake is very enjoyable and gruesome but at the same time respects the original and does something different. Like DOTD it reuses some characters and setting but that is pretty much it, from there the story unfolds differently, twisting and turning, keeping the audience guessing up until the climactic ending. My Bloody Valentine also brings hope to the slasher genre. Not only is this just a remake of a slasher movie, it also plays out like a great 80's slasher film. Any fan of Friday the 13th or Halloween can rest easy that this film doesn't downplay itself to that market and instead exemplifies it bringing about interesting and innovative death scenes, excellent gore effects, and of course some sweet sweet 3D nudity.

Ok...so the 3D. Is it a necessity? On all accounts NO! This movie kicks enough ass on its own that 3D doesn't need to be there. Is the 3D genius? YES! Not only is it a genius marketing ploy to get people in the seats (hooked me in) but it also adds some cool effects from the film to the viewer. Many times I jumped backward because objects were coming at me. Real-D technology is so much superior to that stupid Red/Green goggles. I didn't get that big of a headache and the strain on my eyes was minimal. This movie is a great date film. The 3D alone is great but the added scares help elevate your experience. It also makes the trip to the theatre that much more enjoyable and fun. Its been awhile since its been a riot to be at the theatre in this day and age of massive TV's and kick ass Surround Sound systems. Before long the theatre will be obsolete. Althought I hope that isn't the case.
In any case My Bloody Valentine is a fun romp through 80's slasher nostalgia and also a great update to that particular film. The only thing that I had against it was the climax. I felt it was a little obvious and not all that epic. Since seeing it in the theatre I've picked it up on DVD. I haven't watched it with the Red/Green lenses yet so I'll have to see how it looks on my little POS TV. Hopefully soon they can bring Real-D to TV's.

If you needed any other reason to see this movie - Tom "mucho badass" Atkins. That guy alone is worth seeing ANY movie. All I got out of him was the same I felt throughout Night of the Creeps. Bad Ass Cop!

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