Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Razorback (1984)

What a pleasant surprise this film is. I've always enjoyed those "nature gone wrong" films and this one ranks as one of the best. It takes place in the Australian outback, a mammoth Razorback (or large male pig) is kicking ass and goring everyone. This giant creature is ruthless and absolutely amazing. It tears through houses with blazing speed, it knocks over vehicles and swallows victims whole, it even can tear out the entire side of a house and drag it out into the middle of nowhere.

The only place I would ever expect to see this movie is on the 2 am slot on the SyFy channel. So often do I scroll through the channels and find precious gems like this one on the SyFy channel so late in the evening. Tonight isn't the case though since I was fortunate enough to locate a copy for my own viewing pleasure.

This movie holds a special place in my heart in being it was one of the first horror movies I could stomach as a kid. I remember sitting in my uncles living room watching it on the shitty big screens they had back then and sitting on the floor with my cousin. I was scared shitless but my 4 year younger cousin loved it. I had fond memories of the film and as I got older I set out to find it and watch it again as my love of horror has blossomed over the years. I think with this film this is the case with a lot of people. It's just one of those movies that just sticks in the back of your mind.

What I really enjoyed most about this movie was the director. I thought he did a fantastic job creating a very mystic and creepy atmosphere. So many times were there lights shining in the fog or light shining through fan blades. I really enjoy that stuff when its done right. I also enjoyed the epic close-ups when people get hurt and watching them scream...and then panning out like its just a massive roar. I love it.

If you ever get the chance to see this movie I recommend it. I enjoy bad movies, and not that this one is awful but it is as enjoyable as mosquito was...with a ton better acting and directing. I nevertheless enjoyed the hell out of it. Yet another classic nature gone wrong horror film. Bravo Razorback...Bravo!

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