Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Midnight Meat Train (2008)

I first saw Midnight Meat Train when it made its theatrical debut at my local dollar discount theatre. I loved the film, and I really don't understand why it didn't make it to a larger theatre...legal bullshit so I've heard. But I still got to see it on the "not-so" big screen.  Clive Barker brings on a new batch of nasty horror to the field. Finally! After a long drought of some hits and a ton of misses Midnight Meat Train roars at you like nothing I've ever seen before.

The cast is fantastic. Vinnie Jones was perfect for the role of "the butcher." He brings such a strong presence to the screen whenever he shows up. Apart from muttering a single word at the end....He says absolutely nothing the rest of the time. That is talent. Scaring people just from you facial expressions and body language. I love it. The rest of the cast was wonderful as well, both witty and clever. Also...any film that has a Ted Raimi death scene in it is automatically a winner in my book.

The gore in this movie is awesome. The death's are graffic, the special effects were done right, and it always seems to be a new weapon everytime. It would seem that Mr. Barker prefers hooks. Hellraiser has em, Candyman has em, and now Midnight Meat Train has em. But that could just be cuz hooks are a pretty violent weapon anyway. Ted's non-hook death is by far the coolest out of everyone that died.

The ending was everything I could have hoped for. There were a few clues sprinkled through the movie that pointed at something bizarre. Something that isn't of this world or not one that we are familiar with. I was hoping it was something crazy and cool...and they hand delivered it right to me.

I should also throw out there that the director was amazing. He brought on a very dark tone through all of the film and there was many cool shots I've never seen before. I really really enjoyed this movie and I recommend everyone check it out. Right now. Regardless of where you are.

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  1. This was a great horror movie! Vinnie Jones at his scary best.