Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: The Beast Must Die (1974)

Do you like murder?  Do you like mystery?  Do you like werewolves?  The Beast Must Die is perfect for you. The film starts off immediately stating that it is a detective story...and you are the detective.  Not only is it a fun little who-dun-it story in the vein of clue (which came out later but still) but they encourage the audience to participate.  They point this out right at the beginning and towards the end they give you a chance to discuss it.  It's a perfect party movie.  There's nothing better than being together amongst friends arguing about who's the werewolf and why.

The film itself is pretty interesting.  The mystery part kept me intrigued throughout.  The guests at the party worked perfectly together shifting blame in one direction then another.  The Doctor (played by Peter Cushing) does a grand job at not only laying down the facts of what a werewolf is, but in being a suspect as well.

The story is fun and meant to be so.  You can tell it was done on a pretty tight budget and being it was made in the 70s it is filled with all that 70s glory.  The clothing, slang, and gadgets are all there.  You can hardly blame them for that...being it is from the 70s.

The gore was pretty minimal but there was some blood there.  The effects were done rather well and in a classy style.  No fancy animatronics or puppetry...just good directing and make up.  I like movies like this that can make something out of pretty much nothing.

All-in-all....find this DVD and watch it.  Do it in a group, it's more fun that way.  You won't be disappointed.  I don't say this often, and I cringe to say it, but....I really wouldn't mind seeing a remake of this.  There are so many people that don't know about this movie and a stylish update would be pretty cool.

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