Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

This is a very messy movie.  As much as I love gore this films does follow suite with the splatter films that have become popular in this day and age.  No longer is gore used to enhance the story and the movie experience but now it is just all for is much in our present society.

Don't get me wrong, Wrong Turn 2 is pretty sweet.  It does delve a little bit into the reason these morbid and awesomely deformed hillbillys are out there eating people and breeding.  It always the old paper mill.  How dare they.  If you're looking for scares you're in the wrong place.  Unless your under 16, then you may be a little afraid.  This movie is more about the effects and cool deaths than anything else.

If you need a reason to see this movie I'll give you one...Henry freakin Rollins!  I love the work he does, especially in the horror genre.  His role in Feast was great and in this film he lives up to his bad assery.  Blowin shit up and kickin ass...its the Rollins way.  Stalking his prey and spitting out one-liners...its the Rollins way.  Don't underestimate this man cuz he will rock your world. The Rollins Way.

The film alone is pretty good as a stand alone.  There is no real ties to the original other than the use of inbred hicks.  Unlike Halloween Resurrection, this film actually WORKS using reality television as the plot.  God I hated Halloween Resurrection.  Who the hell thought Busta Rhymes would be a great hero?  Anyways...this film is pretty sweet when it comes to that aspect.  The actual game itself could probably be a lot of fun to be a part of or to watch on TV.  Apocalypse TV!

All in all, its worth a lazy Saturday watch.  If you just wanna sit back and watch some mindless violence, this film is for you.  No undertones, tense scenes, or much of an actual story here.  All you get is some great effects, cool deaths, and some hillbilly masturbation.  Isn't that good enough?

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