Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: The Dead Pit (1989)

If dressing smokin hot insane babes in plain white slim panties and cut off shirts is wrong, I don't want to be right. Who knew thats the way they dressed mental patients in 1989? Probably not but it does add something nice to look at during the slower parts of this film.

The Dead Pit...finally a movie that I've watched that I wouldn't be entirely upset if hollywood got their grimey hands on it and remade the damn thing. The premise is promising and could be fun. It is my understanding that the entire process for this movie was rushed (i.e. the script was written in 3 weeks) so that could be some of the reasons it could have been better, but all in all I didn't hate it. I definately see how someone could take this movie and revamp it a bit to make it better.

So what the hell am I talking about? The beginning could have been so much worse. By worse I mean cooler. They definately needed to portray the killer as being even sicker than he was. His "experiments" on the brain were pretty cool but poorly executed on film. The insanity at the hospital was a bit over done for my tastes...too much screaming and cliche patients. Again, not all that bothersome. The actors they picked were not powerful enough, pretty lame when they needed to be better. Then there's some plot holes...but what would a classic 80's horror film be without them?

So what's good about it? The fucking skull crushing. I almost shit myself when that fucking zombie tore that fucking security guys skull open and feasting on his fucking brains! That was really fucking awesome! The melting zombies were actually pretty cool. The ending left me actually pretty satisfied. The entire "plan" to stop the evil and send it back to hell worked for me. I thought it was pretty plausable considering the situation and worked well for me. Kudos to you. AND finally...that smokin hot lead babe. She's great to look at during the film, has excellent assets (wet t-shirt that gets torn off scene...mmmm...) and her screams aren't irritating as hell.

So to say the least its worth a watch. Its not worth the $13 I paid for it and will never get back, but it was worth the watch anyway. I'm sure I'll get around to the special features included on the 2-disc set and it will suade me to appreciate it more. My advice would be to rent it and then never think about it again.

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