Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

This movie is absolute genius. Ok it's really not but it is very creative in its delivery. Everytime I think there couldn't possibly be any more...bam! Another kick ass Klown death. I can't believe it. We sat around watching this last night and I thought we were all going to die of laughter.

If you are a serious movie watcher I strongly urge you to not watch this film. This review is from a guy that loves his bad movies. I love the cheese, the killer klown humor, the terrible terrible acting - which just adds to the greatness of this film, and all the creative klown kills. Who would think to have shadow puppets eat people? hahahaha

The klowns themselves were pretty cool. There was pretty basic animatronics in the heads so that they could smile or flip their ears, but for the most part they were all mimes. That's ok with me, they still ran around kicking ass and throwin acid pies. Anyone who is deathly afraid of klowns will probably shit their pants at this movie. The klowns themselves can leave quite the imprint in a person's mind if they have a serious klown-phobia.

The effects...actually were pretty good. Vintage low budget 80's horror effects. Simple lighting and props. It was very humorous picking out all the things that were used in designing the props. The paper bowls painted black that were attached to the side of the klown kar, or the gasoline funnels used as levers. It was great. Lest not forget about the popcorn gun...Genius!!

If you feel like losing some IQ points and being happy about it, I suggest you watch Killer Klowns from Outer Space. The soundtrack alone is enough reason to see it. The main theme is still stuck in my mind. If you need any other reason to see it...a young Christopher Titus and John Vernon (the man that likes to put people on double secret probation in Animal House) co-star.

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