Sunday, August 29, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Black Devil Doll (2008)

Dey rapin everybody up in here! Black Devil Doll is a movie about a lot of things. Least among them is decency. And it's awesome.

Black Devil Doll is basically about a mutha fuckin black puppet that comes back via some big breasted chick's Ouija board and then it starts rapin and killin everybody. And it's the most offensively hilarious thing I've ever watched. There's just so much going on that sets out specifically to offend everyone, hell the website has a specific warning:

 You know with a warning like that, that you have to fucking see it.

There were plenty of moments of, "TOO FAR!" and then a few scenes later they upped the ante even farther. They knew what they wanted to do with this movie and they did it. Fuck everyone else. And for that I give it mass props. You fuckin rock Black Devil Doll. Here's the trailer to help you better understand what I'm talking about.

Isn't that just fucking crazy? It's everything you'd expect from a movie called Black Devil Doll. Racism and Rapin for everyone! In all seriousness (yeah right), it is a pretty offensive movie so if you can't get past the title or poster art you aren't going to like this movie. But if you can't help but laugh at a jive talkin Black Doll jizzin all over the place and if you like massive amounts of silicone breasts floppin around the screen for absolutely no reason at all, then Black Devil Doll is for you.

For real, there's lots of Tig ol' Bitties in this Muthafucka. (Oh dear god, I've caught the Devil Doll dialect. Please pray for me.) It's no surprise that everyone (besides one) has Black Devil Doll listed as their only movie credit on IMDb. With names like Precious Cox, I have no doubt that they just drove down to the slut shop and picked up some cheap strippers to make an appearance in this movie. And then vigorously pound the ever lovin shit out of their....OH TOO FAR!

Check out the official website for details on where to buy this fantastic movie. There's also a crazy soundboard where you can hear the Black Devil Doll speak. I fucking love it.


  1. Holy mother of God do I love the hell out of this movie!

  2. Anonymous, I can't agree more. The whole scene when the chicks show up for the party and BDD is jerkin off in the window. It's just wonderful.

  3. I like to put my finger in my butt when watching this classic. My asshole smells pretty.