Monday, August 9, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Demonic Toys (1992)

That's right, I just sat through that whole movie.  Though I didn't really hate it, I was hoping for a little more.  I really don't know how I can justify that statement...being its a movie about a bunch of, well demonic toys.

If you're a fan of early Full Moon entertainment Puppet Master, The Pit and the Pendulum, Subspecies, and Trancers, you'll probably like this movie.  I'm a definate fan of Charles Bands obscure horror.  I guess I like it just because its either so ridiculous or just plain crazy.

This movie ranks up there with the good of the bad.  Do NOT have any expectations going into this one, because it has none to live up to.  It is just a crazy fun ride filled with scary little toys (one BIG one), and foul mouthed little toy babies.

This movie has one massive PLUS on its side...and thats the character creature - baby oopsie daisy.  Holy shit that toy is awesome.  If he's not stabbing you in the balls, he's shitting his pants.  hahahahaha  It doesn't get better than that.  I easily have enough material to spout out at work for the next week compliments of that little bastard.

The acting in this movie isn't half bad.  The chicken guy is a little bad at times, and the "intense" crying scene's are enough to make you wanna roll your eyes, but over all its not bad.  It's not bad enough to eject the tape, burn it, piss on the ashes, and extract an ancient demon curse on every copy ever made.

The only other thing that would need to be mentioned is...the chick that gets naked later on in the film is MAJORILY fine lookin.  Niiiiiiice.  So, that being said, if you like bad movies I'd recommend this one.  It's good for a laugh, or if you're in one of those moods that anything is good.  I'm glad they recently did a proper sequel instead of the Dollman & Puppet Master versus "sequels".

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