Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Predator 2 (1990)

Danny Glover 1 - Predator 0.  Predator is a fitting sequel to a great franchise.  I'm surprised it ended here...not counting the AVP films.  That huge 14 year gap from 1990 to 2004 is almost unbearable.  This film takes it out of the jungle and into the "urban" jungle.  More prey, more violence, more greatness. Paragraphs with the ** have spoilers.

Predator 2 is a great film in my opinion.  Other people call it shitty or stupid but I call it fucking awesome. I even liked Danny Glover as the lead, not that I hate him in anything else, I just liked how he pushed himself and went over the top of what his characters usually are.  The film pretty much has the same formula as the first one as far as the story goes, with things added to keep the audience interested.  Things like new weapons, new characters, a subplot to capture the alien.  They also bring into the film a new aspect to the Predator, in the sense that the infrared sight isn't the only type of vision he has.

**I really enjoyed the ending where Danny's character ends up onboard the Predator's ship and looks at the "trophy" case of all the skulls and right in the middle of it is the Alien skull from the Alien franchise.  That alone I think is what catapulted the Alien vs Predator video games and movies.  Something so simple...crazy.

Its cool to see Bill Paxton come into yet another alien type sequel and bring the house down.  He plays the same character in a sense as he did in Aliens, with just a more cop edge to it.  I liked his role in this movie a lot better than in Aliens.  Though they both are good characters anyway, at least he doesn't bitch so much in this movie.

All kinds of good lines in this film.  The infamous "One ugly mother..." Predator stops him and continues "Mother Fucker" in that creepy Pred voice of his.  I loved it.  Also when they're on the side of the building and Danny looks at him and says "Alright, pussy face, your move." I thought I was gonna die of laughter.  I totally forgot about that line.  There is also the standard Predator healing himself scene.  A little more extensive than last time, but effective enough for Glover to make his way down the building and chase after him.

**The only beef I really have with this movie is one short 10 second scene.  I was just confused as to what happened and why.   If anyone knows, by all means explain it to me.  So the Predator is on top of a building, with his spear held high screeching his pride towards his kill and suddenly....is hit with a bolt or two of lightning.  What the fuck is that?  Shouldn't that kill or at least hurt him? or does he draw some kind of power from energy? I don't get that.

The special effects were done very well.  Sometimes you could tell it was green screen but it was tolerable.  The weapons and death scenes were done very stylish a la Predator.  I'm not sure how you make something thats already ugly, and make it uglier but this movie pulls it off.  There was an overhead shot of the Predator and I swore it looked like a wood tick.  Very cool.  It's a pity they created so many different Predator's for such a short scene at the end..  Too bad they couldn't have had more screen time.

If you're a fan of Predator, Predator 2 is a good movie.  If you're having high expectations you'll probably be disappointed with it, but I liked it.  A nice follow up and EASILY not the worst movie to watch.  Your money will be well spent.

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