Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Freddy vs. Ghostbusters (2004) FAN FILM


That being said...I really enjoyed it.  And I would like to share my thought with all of you fine folks here of the internet.  I was cruising through the internet one day when I came across this work of art.  Shortly after I found a link where I can download it for free so I gave it a shot.  I'm happy I did.

In a world that is full of serious movies that come off silly and silly movies that are just too dumb, comes this baby.  With a running time of around 30 minutes, they pack in enough decent stuff that you really don't care that its a fan film.  The effects aren't that horrible and the acting is horrid, but that just adds to the fun.  They have plenty of great one-liners and movie references to please any movie fan.  I enjoyed the Matrix one...my name is NEAL! hahaha  The make up effects on Freddy were done great too.  He doesn't come anywhere near the greatness of Robert Englund, but the voice and laugh aren't half bad.

This is a movie from the fans for the fans.  Actually compared to a Hollywood story...this is one that a true fan can enjoy.  It's goofy of course, but when watching it you have to expect that.  It adds to the overall fun of it.  The dialogue was pretty good in my opinion.  Hell even the credits were fun to read.

I say give it a watch.  The ending was genius (after the credits).  You can find a copy of the film here along with it's feature length sequel "Return of the Ghostbusters." Which is also free.  It specifically said at the end it was for no financial gain....simply a movie for all of us. Thank you, I hope more videos like this make it to the light of day.

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