Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Return of the Ghostbusters (2007) fan film

I dont know which I liked better...there's a russian ghostbuster or that he puts vodka on his pancakes!  A few days ago I did a review for the wonderful fan film Freddy vs Ghostbusters.  I just today learned of a feature length sequel...Return of the Ghostbusters.

I have to admit...I absolutely LOVED it.  It took its time and the jokes were so well placed i was laughing my head off through the whole thing.  I guess the whole thing is of a SyFy Pictures original quality...as far as the looks go.  Everything else is pure gold.  The one-liners are great, the acting is improved, the special effects are better, the story is bigger, and there are more and more movie references to keep all us nerds happy!

It's not a horror movie at all...but there are ghosts so I guess somebody might be scared.  I did like the story again.  I dont know about anybody else, but just hearing the ghostbusters theme chime in with some paranormal ass kicking just gets me going.  I can't get enough of it.  I even liked Ghostbusters 2, which some people would argue as being just horrible, but I liked it.  Probably cuz I love the Ghostbusters so much.

There was a lot of creative ingenuity behind all this too.  Some new technology helps add to the story.  Instead of just a proton pack they now have a neutron-pack with a wrist mounted gun.  I also liked the roof-mounted Proton gun on top of the Ghostbusters vehicle.

It's all great.  Please check it out.  Its available for free streaming online and for free download as well.   Here is the official homepage.  From there you can see all the cool extras and there is even a comic book linking the events of Freddy vs Ghostbusters to the beginning of Return of the Ghostbusters.

I love it when people that make movies remember who their audience is.

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