Thursday, August 5, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: An American Werewolf in London (1981)

I don't think I've enjoyed watching a werewolf movie more than watching An American Werewolf in London. I love Dog Soldiers as much as this film, but AAWIL has such a lightheartedness to it that I just adore. Its cute, scary, and hilarious all at the same time. You really don't see too many movies anymore that have heart like this film does.

What really makes this movie great is the characters. You just fall in love with all of them. The actors just do such a great job making their characters all that they can be and you really want to see them end up good. Of course, that doesn't happen, but you can't help but hope for the best. The chemistry between the lovers along side his dead friend are just spectacular. I love it.

What really defines this movie among fans is the special effects. Its my understanding that this film is the reason why they have awards for special effects these days. I have to admit that even today's technologies can be inferior to the effects in this film. They really put a lot of hard work and time into making every detail consistent and realistic. Kudos to those guys for their work. It really makes you appreciate film.

An American Werewolf is an all around perfect movie for a late night popcorn night with the girlfriend. You can laugh, you can cry, you can laugh again, and you can shit your pants while that huge fucking wolf is tearing shit up in downtown London. Nothing could be better...except when that little boy tells his mother that a naked American man stole his balloons...its just priceless.

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