Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Watchers 2 (1990)

Roger Corman fans unite!  Yet another crappy monster movie is upon us!  Is it good?  We all know its bad.  But is it worth it?  Well well, I'll tell you what I think.

Watchers 2, from my understanding, has more elements of the original text (Dean Koontz's novel "Watchers") than the original film did.  There's a military guy kicking the monster's ass and the monster hates itself cuz its so damned ugly.  That right there kind of tells you something.  Perhaps they got so much backlash from fans of the book on the original that they tried to make up for it with the sequel.  From a marketing point of view its pretty genius.  I'd definately give it a chance if I was conned into believing it was closer to the book than the first one.  My hopes would go up but eventually crash down.

Honestly, the cast kept me more interested than anything else.  The Beastmaster, Marc Singer, is the lead male army hero.  I think its kind of fun to see him outside of the Beastmaster role in normal clothes and short hair.  He is still connected to animals because he's the one who befriends the super smart golden retriever in this film.  Unlike a stupid boy.  I was also happy to see Tracy Scoggins in here.  She starred in Demonic Toys, an awesomely awful Full Moon puppet horror film.  For some reason they don't get sick of making them and I never tire of watching them.  And speaking of puppet movies...Irene Miracle is in this film as well...she was one of the psychics in the original Puppet Master...and she's naked.

The cuteness factor of the first film is back again.  It isn't nearly as fun watching the hero connect with the dog like it was with the boy, but it is just as interesting.  Similarities between those events occur, but I guess that's to be expected.

The story is similar to the first.  More government experimentation on animals.  Redevelopment projects and new monsters.  It was pleasant to see that there was a connection between the doctor and the monster.  Its good to know old ugly has at least one friend...but not for long.  I remember the creature having a lot more fur than this one, but oh well, what can you do.  Anyways...some dumbass animal rights activists trash the place and set loose the dog and creature.  Then all hell breaks loose as the monster hunts the dog and slaughters everything in its path.

Alright so my real beef with this film.  It lost major points during the hotel scene.  The one chick who came off as a whore, who had massive boobs, was about to get it on with some young dude, gets killed before we see the goods.  Son of a bitch!  Who made this movie?  Also the monster is completely ridiculous.  Its kind of like a human/anteater mixed breed.  Unlike the original they show WAY too much of the creature here.  If they could have kept more point of view shots instead of just showing close ups of the creature it would have been forgiveable.  Its obviously fake and the effects are just rancid.  The mouth could have moved A LITTLE.

But all in was worth my time.  I like these cheesy horror movies and if you are aware of Roger Corman and the films he produces than you have a pretty good idea what you're in store for.  I love them because they are so bad, but to me that's what makes them so good.  Happy least the Watchers is back.

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