Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: The Last House on the Left (2009) remake

Reality is the single most terrifying subject a horror film could use. I'm not talking about "based on a true story" or that B.S., I'm talking real situations with real people that we all try to write off as something that really doesn't happen. I guess if we all had to live with the fact that there really is evil people out there hell bent on hurting you (and not just physically) I'm sure we'd all go insane. It's so much easier to deny ourselves our evil half and focus on more "happy" things. So before I continue I think I should let anyone who has yet to see this film know what exactly it is they're getting into.

I'll try to keep this spoiler free but its hard to with a subject matter such as this. Along with other horror films this one has its blood and some fair gore. Thank god for that because without it I would feel a lot less comfortable watching this film. The Last House on the Left will pull at your emotions. It will shove reality in your face. It will make you think twice. This is one of those films that you really do not want your children to watch. Although while in their early teenage state it might be a useful tool to show them the way of this world. The main subject matter (***and if you don't want to know skip to the next paragraph) is of some nasty people raping a 17 year old girl and killing her friend. Honestly was one of the hardest things not to turn away from in my life. I forced myself to watch it. I did not enjoy it in any way but I do not regret it either. It's good for the human condition to get a reminder every once in a while that these things happen to innocent people. Other things you can look forward to is vengeful parents. Revenge is a dish best served cold....fuck that noise, this baby just came out of the oven. Once the parents got started I wasn't sure how to feel. I guess the same thing happened with The Mist, I've never been so happy to see something be killed....and I don't know if that's a good thing.

This movie is truly terrifying. I personally love watching bad movies and stupid outlandish movies. I love them because there really isn't anything to connect to. I don't have to worry about aliens coming in and eating me. In this fim its just so awful what goes down. It really hooks you in and tears at your heart. I swear my insides were fluttering for 60% of the film. It was just that tense and heartbreaking. I would never call this movie cool or awesome. Actually, I'm not sure how I would tell someone about this movie. I guess I'd just have to let them know what they're in store for.

Alright moving on with my review...the cast. Great cast. All of them were great actors and did a very convincing job. There is a lot of heavy emotion and crying involved and it was good to see people good at what they do. Some of the more familiar faces in this movie are Garret Dillahunt, whom you may have caught as a cyborg on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Also there's Monica Potter, who was in films like Saw and Con Air. And finally a surprise to me, Martha MacIsaac, who was the love interest in the funny movie Superbad. The direction of Dennis Iliadis is great. According to IMDb he doesn't have much of a resume but I'm sure with this film he will be getting a few more jobs. I thought the look and feel of everything was just horrifying. Atmosphere is everything.

So by the end of the film you are satisfied with yourself. I saw it in a drive in and so many people left after the nasty parts. I knew better and waited for the sweet sweet ending. With a film such as this you need closure in order to move on with your life. At least for the immediate future proceeding it. Stick around, you'll love what happens. Just be sure you can handle it.

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