Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BAD MOVIE REVIEW: Strange Invaders (1983)

To be horror or not be horror?  That is the question.  This is my answer...yes!  Strange Invaders is a film that teeters on a fine line between science fiction and horror.  The mass majority of this film is more towards the scifi aspect but here's how i justify posting it horror.  Actors...Paul Le Mat (of Puppet Master), Gore...some juicy alien gore in my opinion, and the film itself is a tribute (in some eyes a spoof) of classic 50's horror monster films.

Strange Invaders is a fun little alien invasion story.  Aliens come down to Earth in the 50's.  They take over an entire town.  Fast forward 25 years and they still live there in all their 50's glory.  But now they're pissed because somebody knows they are there and they must be silenced.

The aliens themselves were kind of creepy looking.  I've always got shivers looking at aliens that have massive black eyes.  I don't know why it just freaks me out.  There's a few parts when they rip off their human outer skin to show their true selves and that's actually pretty awesome.  And of course, as a wonderful tribute to 50's horror, they shoot lasers from their heads and fly in flying saucers.

The story was pretty intriguing.  Starts off as a mystery with a missing ex-wife.  The story gradually unfolds and then the aliens start appearing.  I knew going into it that it was going to be a dumb movie but it far exceeded my expectations.  The effects were good.  The musical score was very reminiscent of 50's horror.  This film sets out to accomplish a goal, (much like Hatchet did a while ago), and present a film that is new but brings back the glory of older films.  I personally love when people do this.  It's great for nostalgia and the effects are better.  I say go see it, its worth your time and is pretty crazy.

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