Tuesday, August 17, 2010


You'd probably just want to rent this one.  I can't entirely justify my full price theatre ticket with this installment...but it wasn't the most awful movie I've ever seen.  Saw V did a lot to wrap up some questions.  It has a lot of flashbacks so unless you've recently seen the first 4 it can be confusing but I followed along pretty well.

There are things that are wrong with the film but for the most part I actually enjoyed myself.  While I was sitting there watching the movie I started to feel that the "heart" of the films was gone and that they were just making another splatter film with a loose tie in story wrapped around it.  As it neared the end I understood better and after all was said and done I guess I was happy with it.

The thing that bothered me was that it was too predictable.  So far in the series I've always been caught off guard, drawn in one direction and pulled to another.  This film though I was drawn to one direction and I was delivered what I expected to see.  There was no surprise ending, there was no great twists and turns with the games, there was just the expected.  At least it wasn't completely lame when it did happen so that's good.

There is still a lot of good there though.  The traps are still pretty badass.  They are somewhat unbelievable but they are still pretty cool.  They still had the power to make me cringe but I had to keep watching to see all the bloody goodness.  Also the way the story went and the way the film ended I feel a bit of closure.  I felt that a lot of loose ends were tied up and that I could stand to leave it as is.  I understand there are more and I'm not opposed to that.  The next film can now start anew and perhaps be its own stand alone film...there's really no need to keep flashing back anymore.  So in that respect I think it will be a great new story arc and that is something to look forward to.

All in all...it was worth the watch.  Don't expect too much out of it.  The gore is still great for all you gorehounds, but as far as the final surprise...it just wasn't there.

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