Monday, October 10, 2011

Chainsaw Mafia: Conquering Evil

In case you missed my previous post, I have just been signed up as a writer for The Chainsaw Mafia. A re-released horror website that's about to kick some serious ass. And speaking of ass whomping, check out my first article:
When Jamie first approached me via cable wire and asked me to be a writer for The Chainsaw Mafia, I was more than excited.  By golly, somebody is interested in what I have to say (boy, is she going to regret that one). From that moment on, I began a list. Every time I thought up some bad ass horror related thing I could chicken scratch about, I put it on the list. The list is pretty long and quite awesome but where do I start?  Do I start with “The Collected Works of Fred Dekker?” or perhaps “A History of the Wilhelm Scream?"

As epic as those discussions a, it’s not how I wanted to bust out on the scene.  And the more I thought, the clearer the picture became. If I’m going to sit down, put my thoughts to paper, and have a discussion with all of you, I think it best to explain my horror history. What are my interests and desires? What makes ME qualified to talk about horror?

Quite simply: A computer and an ever expanding library of movies.

But there’s more to it. There was a start. And quite honestly, it wasn’t pretty.

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