Saturday, October 15, 2011

NEW POLL IS UP! Decide my fate for this Friday 10/21!

I think this is a pretty good mixup this week. There's a lot to love and a lot to be scared of. Let's see what you think. (Good call on The Gore Gore Girls last week. Fucking amazing movie. You guys rule.)

I vaguely remember this movie as it was finishing up post production. I think this movie is set in "real time". I also know the majority of the movie, if not all, takes place in a minivan. Hooboy!

Umm...this is all you need to know: (from IMDb) A psychic's girlfriend finds out that a lump on her back is a growing reincarnation of a 400 year-old demonic Native American spirit.

Could Charles Band go THREE FOR THREE this month? I sincerely hope so. This is going to be awesome.

Let's see, James Hong as an eternal wine/film maker who is destabilizing as his life lasting serum is breaking him down. Well, I know I'M down for sure.

This is going to kick ass. I've seen production stills and it looks SO BAD! I love it. Demonic landlord FTW.

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  1. Had to go with the Hong (no disrespect to Band) and what looks to be a story about someone unwittingly killing themselves with wine. Now that's something I can identify with!