Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Poll is up for Friday 10/14! YOU Decide what I get to endure!

You think you can break me!? HUH!? You did pretty well last Friday, that one was a tough one, let's see what you can do this week.

You know all those annoying chain emails? This movie kills people with those.

 No. Nobody wants to know a secret about a 2000's ripoff of a 90's tween slasher.

Classic gore. And girls. Never seen it, I know nothing of its quality.

I'm walking a fine line as it is, could Mr. Psycho himself rip me apart?

I don't know man, there's awards on the front cover. Is this really "bad" enough?


  1. The Gore Gore Girls for sure! That movie has the kind of misogyny that has to be seen to be believed!..hint, it involves milk.

  2. Heard Chain Letter was awful! But Joseph "Joey" Lawrence in a bad slasher might be too good to pass up!